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Thanks to the latest advancements in gaming technology we can now enjoy a wealth of different casino games and genres that weren’t possible before.

But there’s one type of game that’s grown almost exponentially over the last few years thanks to this new terrific tech and that’s live casino games.

Is There A Difference?

Although it may not initially sound like it live casino games are as different from ordinary casino games as you can get.

For example, ordinary casino games are played by one player and are reliant on a computer controlled game that determines your game payouts based on a number generator.

Whereas live casino games are dependent on what cards the live dealer will draw or what the Roulette wheel they spin will stop on.

Plus live casino games are normally played with various other players as well as a live casino operator who will usually chat to the various players in the room.

Pros and Cons of Live Casinos

Like all game types, live casino games come with their own benefits and problems.


One of the main benefits of live casino games is that it has a more social atmosphere as you, other players and even the dealer chat whilst you’re playing. Some of the best live casino games are those that have a chatty and fun dealer because it makes you enjoy the experience more.

Live casinos also offer the fun atmosphere and challenge of a real casino from the comfort of your own home 24-hours a day.

Unlike an ordinary game you have to show some modicum of skill, especially in card games as you’re playing with real cards against real players.

Depending on the site you might also be able to alter what angle the live games camera is facing.

Some sites for example allow you to view the dealer straight on, from an angle or just a static shot from above of the table game you’re playing on.


However live casinos do have a few problems, for starters gameplay is a lot slower than ordinary casino games as you have to wait for all the other players to make a wager or decide what their next move is going to be.

Some live casino games can also be quite bandwidth intensive, so if your internet connection isn’t the greatest then you may find your live-feed of the game will start to stutter or regularly crash.

Although not a particularly common problem, you may find yourself in a live casino game with a dealer who might not speak your language so communication might be a tad difficult.

Websites That Provide Live Games

Regardless of the above issues, live casinos games have nonetheless proven to be incredibly popular, in fact if you were ever to search what the onlinecasino live games best UK version is, you would be presented with a near infinite number of choices.

But rather than go through every single one of these sites, we’ve decided to create a small list of what we consider to be the best live casino online websites on the market right now.

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