Can casino software get hacked?

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One question that gets thrown around online casino support forums is: “Is it possible to hack casino software?” The answer to this is, yes it is. Although it is rather difficult because casino sites use a sophisticated system of firewalls and complex coding it’s unfortunately still possible for someone to hack a casino website.

The Types of Threats

When it comes to casino site hacking there are two types, the first is one that’s aimed either directly at you or the user base and aims to either gain access to your personal information, the money you have stored in your casino account or worse, your bank details. The second type is one that’s aimed directly at the site, this can either come in the form of a DDOS attack which will normally take the site out of commission or prevent anyone from accessing it. This is usually done to either put the website out of business or to close down a site, or allow the hackers full access to it undisturbed. The hacking threats might also take the form of transaction displacement, so instead of depositing money into your casino account, you’ll be putting your cash into the hacker’s account.

What to Do If Sites Been Hacked

If you think a site you’re using has been hacked, what you should do is remove all your funds as quickly as possible from any E-wallet accounts you have registered, also change your E-Wallet login information. Next change your username and password to your casino account, you should also remove your card details and any financial or sensitive information that you might have stored on the site. After you’ve done this it’s just a case of waiting until the all clear is given to go back onto the website.

Finding Safe Online Casinos

When it comes to ensuring that the website you’re playing on is safe there are a few steps you can take. First of all do your research, try looking at forums and websites that cater to reviews of gambling websites to find out what sites to join with and what ones have been blacklisted as sites to stay clear of. Next you’ll want to check that the website you’re using is reputable and has taken the proper steps to ensure that its customer’s details are safe and secure on their servers. A lot of the big brands tend to promote the safest servers mainly because they have more customers to lose if anything goes wrong on their sites. Plus if there’s any downtime they’ll usually fix it within a matter of minutes because their customer’s patronage is their main priority. Smaller websites can often be rather unreliable as they’re just starting out and quite often they haven’t got everything exactly right yet, so they’re more prone to crashes, outages or hacking problems.

How to Ensure Your Site Is Completely Safe

Once you’ve chosen your casino there a few things you can then do to check that the site you’re using is 100% safe. For starters you could check what their software provider is; a lot of the main brands tend to use recognisable software like Microgaming, Playtech or RTG. If your site has or starts to use a software provider you’re not familiar with you can either stop playing with them or enter the name of the provider into Google to see if you get a response. Most software providers usually have their own website to promote their brand, so if there’s no website or even a mention of their name then you know it’s a fake platform. Another one to look out for is if a site insists you download the full software for a game before you can play it. The majority of sites will let you play their games without having to download any software, so be suspicious of sites that insist on you downloading items from them. So in future when you want to sign up for a casino site, just follow this advice and you’ll soon find yourself with a website you can have fun with and most important of all, one that you can trust with your sensitive information.

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