FC Porto Depart Portuguese Carlsberg Cup

carlsberg cup

Yesterday’s matches were sorely lacking in quality, but eagle-eyed fans will have spotted an enticing betting prospect in the form of the Maritimo vs. FC Porto clash in the Carlsberg Cup on Thursday 3 April. However, the outcome is a shining example of why you should not go backing games where you are unfamiliar with the teams.

Since the start of the century, Porto have made waves in Europe by winning the Champions League and two UEFA Cup/Europa League trophies. As a result, many bettors feel that they can simply dip into Portuguese football for an easy bet. That was not the case on this occasion.

Porto opened the scoring in 32nd minute with a goal from Goebel Evandro, meeting the expectations of many onlookers. However, a penalty from Bruno Gallo in the 37th minute levelled the cup-tie. Morussa Marega then won the game in the 45th minute, with 2-1 being the final score.