Gambling Responsibly – Dos and Do Nots

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Going back to before the current times of online gambling, the levels of assistance available to help problem gamblers does not come close to what is on offer today. UK problem gamblers have a few excellent options for seeking out free assistance to help them deal with their issues. But before that day comes, it is vital to maintain the following dos and do nots to practice responsible gambling.

Setting Limits with Online Casinos

UK online casinos are legally required to give players the option to set limits on their spending. The simple purpose is to ensure that players spend only what they can afford on their deposits. You have the ability to restrict what you can deposit to your account. The casino will give you the option to restrict deposits on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Once in place, you cannot bypass deposit limits unless they are removed.

Deposit limits represent the base level of setting financial limits with casinos, but you also have additional options depending on your casino. Loss limits are something that you should also look for, as many leading UK casino sites have additional online gambling channels that you can spend your money with. Therefore, it is wise to set loss limits on other channels such as games, live casino, sports betting, and more.

Record Your Spending

Being able to maintain an accurate budget is the ideal way to enjoy online gambling. Just because you make a deposit and start wagering, there is no guarantee that you are going to walk away with winnings at the end of your session. Online casino games are based on chance, so it is entirely possible to go on a bad run and incur heavy losses.

By not recording your spending, you will quickly lose control when suffering from losses. Maintaining an Excel spreadsheet or Word document would be ideal for keeping track of spending, but you can also write down your deposits in a notebook. Either way, you must choose an option and stick to it.

When recording your deposits, always ensure to write down the name of the casino, the value of the deposit, the payment method used, and the date and time. Regular players should look back on their spending at the end of the week to spot any troubling patterns. By doing so, you might just realise that you are spending normally. Recording your spending can help ensure that you suffer a bad week rather than a bad month.

Be Honest with Friends and Family

Persistent problem gambling will eventually be spotted by the loved ones in your life, so it makes no sense to keep your issues entirely to yourself. The simple act of being honest will help to put things in perspective. And it is of vital importance to tell a partner as you could be sharing every day of your life of them, all the while contributing to shared costs.

You will be surprised by how many of your family and friends will be willing to help support you with caring chats. They can help you begin to face up to problem gambling and think about whether or not you need specialist assistance. Either way, though, you will feel less stressed once you realise that you are no longer carrying around an enormous secret.

Self-Exclusion is an Option

When you can no longer resist playing at your favourite casinos, it is time to use the self-exclusion option. For some players, it might be enough to take a break for a week or a couple of months. Unfortunately, however, this will not be possible for everyone. In such instances, it makes more sense to request a permanent exclusion from the casino.

You can request self-exclusion by talking to the customer services team. This will ensure that you are denied access to your account and that you cannot continue gambling. However, your problems with gambling will remain, and there are many more casino sites open to UK players. Consequently, you will have to seek dedicated gambling support from one of the UK’s leading support organisations.

UK Responsible Gambling Support

Thankfully, the UK has a number of excellent support options for problem gamblers. Check out the list of options below if you need a starting point:


From the above websites, GamCare and Gamble Aware are the most common organisations. Each has dedicated gambling addiction made available online. Crucially, though, each of those organisations has a national gambling helpline that can provide you with immediate support and advise your next move.

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