Gamification Casinos

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Gamification is a term that you might be reading about for the first time, but there is a chance that you might have encountered the principal before. This could be a supermarket encouraging you to enter a competition or else a loyalty programme encouraging you to earn points, such as with online casinos.

Best Gamification Casinos

At this stage, we shall start by pointing you to towards the best gamification websites that can also provide you with an online casino experience:

  • Rizk Casino: Play games to fill your power bar and earn turns for the Wheel of Rizk. You can also enter Rizk Races to compete against fellow players.

  • Top Dog Slots: Complete challenges and earn enough trophies to earn turns for the Mega Reel. You could win free spins or even online shopping vouchers.

  • Lucky Admiral: Become a Very Important Pirate in the VIP scheme and you can start earning weekly cashback bonuses from your wagers.

  • mFortune: Follow mFortune on social media for your chance to enter special competitions and events in which prizes can be won.

What is Gamification?

Casino gamification is the process of combining gaming functions with aspects of the site that are not the actual games. Quite simply, this step is taken as a means of engaging players and keeping them entertained. These days, many casinos share the same games, so gamification can help them to distinguish themselves from competitors.

Story Elements

Gamification sites are often skilled at integrating story elements, such as encouraging players to feel like they are part of an adventure. Quite often, players will be asked to create an avatar character to perform in a virtual world in which achievements and progress can be monitored.

Character-driven Rewards

A casino can even take its loyalty scheme and completely revamp it to include gamification elements. For instance, why provide comp points when you could encourage players to level up their own character? This carries much more appeal in an age where computer games are widely played.

Why Do Casinos Gamify?

New casino brands are constantly launching to try and wrestle market-share from those that were there first. Such a landscape means that the industry is ultra-competitive and that newest brands must devise innovative approaches if they are to survive and thrive.

Player Experience

Therefore, it is integral for new online casinos to prioritise the player experience. Bonuses, compatibility, software, and payments offer little room for differentiation compared to devising characters, adventures, and mini-games that can be used to capture the imaginations of players.

Standing Out

Some casinos get described as “skins” because they simply have a different visual template to other sites that are on the same network. Gamification provides an invaluable tool for the operators that would rather build something unique.

Casino Gamification Elements

A gamification casino has a number of different elements that can be used to instil excitement into some of the more mundane aspects of the experience, such as the earliest forms of loyalty schemes.


The casino can encourage an event whereby players get to wager on games and the highest-performers receive the best prizes in exchange for their achievements. Leaderboards can give out points for completing actions or else simply base the positions on overall wagering.


This could entail players meeting a wagering threshold as the means of earning entry to a prize draw, whereby they would have chances to win special items, bonus credit, or else the ever-appreciated cash.


Trophies can be awarded for depositing, using different payments, building up winnings, reaching mini-games, and a whole lot more. When players earn enough trophies, they can receive loyalty perks in honour of their achievement.

Experience Points

Casinos with avatars often give players experience points, as opposed to loyalty points or comp points. As such, players can level up their character in a more exciting way compared to reaching a silver or gold VIP level.


A casino can attach an entire adventure to the experience, with players encouraged to explore an environment through which they advance based on their gaming. By reaching the farthest reaches of a kingdom or island, they can start to receive greater benefits from the casino site.

Social Interactions

Casinos can also include chat areas in which players get to talk about their experience. This is especially useful for when players are arranged into teams for the purpose of competing in a leaderboard or tournament competition.

Social Media

This is a step whereby social media accounts can be used in online gambling, thus coining the term gamblification. Players are offered the chance to compete against friends and maybe even unlock access to special games if they are more successful.

Older casinos can be viewed as bland when they do not do enough to make the experience more exciting for players. As a player, this should matter to you because gamification casinos want to give you more fun.

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