Immortal Romance

One thing that never fails to sell is Vampires, thanks to the Twilight franchise over saturating everything Vampires are the trendiest cultural thing again. One company has jumped on the band wagon and released a slot game that’s actually quite a refreshing take on the tiring genre. So here’s our take on it with our Immortal Romance slot review. Developed by Microgaming, the Immortal Romance slots game is absolutely fantastic to play; it has a veritable treasure trove of fun features and bonuses to use. Immortal Romance is a gothic tale of forbidden love between a human girl and an immortal vampire. It’s a modern and sinister take on the old Romeo and Juliet tale. The symbols are all beautifully designed and feature the various characters all staring out at the players. The browser window is incredibly sinister looking as it almost resembles a gravestone. Conquer Casino might also interest you! It’s also twinned with a gargoyle on one side and an angel on the other, oddly poetic considering the overall theme of the game.


Bets can be set to either ten coins per spin or just one coin; the coin size can also be altered to match your individual wagering requirements. To change the amounts simply use the (+) or (-) symbols to lower or raise the amount. To wager the full amount just use the Bet Max option to set all the values to their maximum amounts. To begin this mysterious game, simply hit spin to start. There’s also the handy addition of an Auto Spin function that will spin the reels for a set number of turns or until one of the bonuses are activated. Rizk CasinoClick Here to Claim your BONUS!


Each character in the game has their own unique bonus ability that can be activated after unlocking them in the rather imposing looking Chamber of Spins. Each chamber that is unlocked will reveal another character to play with. In the first chamber is the cunning witch Amber, who uses her ancient magic’s to bestow players with ten free spins and a 5x multiplier on all winning combinations. The second chamber contains the vampire Troy; this dark creature summons his horde of hideous Vampire Bats onto the reels. These horrific creatures fly across the reels and turn random symbols into 2x and 3x multipliers. The third chamber is where the legendary ancient vampire Michael resides. When activated he becomes overcome with Wild desire and awards players twenty free spins and Rolling Reels. In the final fourth chamber is Sarah, this inconspicuous looking girl contains one of the best abilities in the entire game. When activated Sarah sends out Wild Vines, these creeping tendrils will wrap themselves around all the reels, entangling them and randomly turning them into Stacked Wilds.

Free Spins

Chamber of spins

Some of the characters can award free spin amounts, Amber for example gives five free spins whereas Michael gives players an amazing twenty spins to play around with. Also activating the Scatter symbol whilst the bonus rounds are in play will instantly award players with up to four free spins. If you manage to chain the Scatters you could also win the maximum amount of twenty nine free spins to play with.


A good tip for this game is to try and get the chamber of spins activated fairly early on that way you can maximise your initial bet with one of the great character bonuses. If you’re still not sure about playing this game, why not use the demo play option to try out the game first. A lot of casino websites tend to offer the free play option, so simply log on and look for their Immortal Romance slot free play choice and try the game out without spending any of your hard earned cash.

Where to Play

Because of its popularity, Immortal Romance is available on a huge variety of websites such as Hippozino. Hippozino is a great place to game, It has some fabulous promotions such as double your deposit every Monday and a 100% welcome bonus on your first deposit. There’s also a huge selection of games to play not just Immortal Romance. Immortal Romance is also available on Thrills, 32Red and plus various others.

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