Jacks or Better Video Poker


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Video poker is a wagering that classic that has existed since the 1980s. Having first started out oncumbersome video game units, you can now find different versions of video poker at most of your favourite mobile casino sites.

Best Mobile Casinos

Here at Casinos for Mobile we feature a number of sites, some of which have their own respective versions of video poker for you to play. Have a glance at the list below and see what name it carries at each respective site:

Casino.com – Jacks or Better

Thrills – Video Poker

Hippozino – Video Poker

Mansion – Video Poker

The Basics

Starting off with the basics, the reason why it is called Jacks or Better is because it is the lowest possible hand at which a payout can be obtained. The objective of the game is for you try and land a pair of Jacks or a better hand on each bet.

Playing the Game

When you start playing the game you get to choose between one of five payout levels. In most versions of the game the number of coins required for a payout level will be equal. For example, it would take five coins to play on level five of the payout table. The benefit of playing with more credits is that you can win significantly more money than when you play with just one.


In Jacks or Better it’s all about the percentages. The best strategy for playing the game is to go for lots of frequent hands that pay lower, as opposed to trying for more risky ones. For example, you are best discarding multiple cards rather than to try for a straight. Also, when you get dealt a pair it is advisable to exchange all cards that don’t contribute to it. By doing this you get three chances of hitting three of a kind or creating another pair. At times you will find yourself holding none of your cards after the first deal and exchanging all of them, but that’s okay. It is all about playing for as long as possible.

Return to Player

Whenever it comes to play returns, Jacks or Better normally carries a very high payout percentage of nearly 100%. When you play with the strategy outlined above, you should look for your site to have a payout percentage in the region of 99.50%.


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