Online Blackjack

If there’s one game everyone loves to play it’s Blackjack, sitting at a table with other players or alone with a dealer as you hope that the next card hand to be drawn will result in you winning. Having to consider your cards, knowing when to hold or fold them and hoping that the ones you kept will result in you winning is just incredibly appealing to so many of its players.

Where to Play

Because of the popularity of Blackjack there are hundreds if not thousands of different websites on which you can play for real cash. Rather than go through them all, we’ve collected a sample of what we consider to be the best for you to try out:

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What Are The Rules of Blackjack?

Blackjack is incredibly easy to play – the goal of the game is to get closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21 and becoming ‘bust’. The dealer will hand out two cards each to the player whilst keeping two themselves. After receiving your two cards you’ll have the option to hit, stand, double down or split. Choosing hit will get you another card from the dealer, stand will signify you don’t want any more cards although you may want to consider this option first as the dealer may get closer to 21 than you. The double down option will of course double your bet and split turns your original cards into two separate hands you can then play across.

Free To Play Options

The free to play option is a great online Blackjack strategy as it allows you to get to grips with the games rules and controls, plus it lets you work out your own tactics. Although it may initially seem difficult there are actually a ton of places that you can play online Blackjack free since the majority of online casino sites offer free version of the game to some degree.

Some Blackjack tutorial forums will also provide you with links to separate sites or special game rooms that will let you play this brilliant card game for free. Once you’ve had enough practice you could start playing online Blackjack for money. Again the majority of casino sites will allow you to play Blackjack so you’re pretty spoiled for choice as far as options for gaming go.

Is Live Blackjack Any Different?

Another area of Blackjack that is definitely worth trying out is the live version, although it may not initially seem like it the live games of Blackjack are actually a lot better than your regular online blackjack game. For starters these games have far more social atmosphere as instead of playing against the computer in a one-on-one match; you’re dropped in with several other players and a real life Blackjack dealer. In these rooms you can freely chat to everyone and you can even happily chat away to the dealer, it gives you all the fun of being at a Blackjack table in a real casino from the comfort of your own home.

A great feature of the live games is that you can also ask the dealer and the other players in the room for advice on how to progress. So say for example you were relatively new to the game and you were dealt a hand you were unsure about using, you could then ask the dealer and your fellow players for their opinion on whether you should hit, stand or double down.

There you have it – our Blackjack 101 tutorial. The next time you decide that you want to start playing Blackjack just keep this helpful list handy and in no time at all you’ll become a Blackjack ace.

Looking to play Multi-Hand Blackjack online? This guide is for you.

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