Pocket Fruity

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With the inclusion of internet gambling into the purview of existing gambling laws and legislations in 2005, there spouted a number of online gambling portals. Some of them were good, some were exceptional, but mostly, they were all out to get your money. The old Vegas adage (about the house never losing) had just been updated for the digital age. But then, there was such a glut of these portals, that everyone invariably found the one portal which was right for them.

While this was going on, the situation on the mobile gambling scene was deplorable. Until the introduction of Pocket Fruity, that is. While the name might be off-putting, what with the extremely uncharacteristic “fruity” in its name, this new portal manages to pack in quite a punch (no pun intended). Available on all major mobile operating systems, Pocket Fruity makes it possible for you to use your favourite smartphone or tablet—irrespective of make and type—to play your favourite game.

Bonuses and Promotions

The first thing that hits you as soon as you load the app is the confident boast of various cashback schemes. Be it the £10 they’re giving everyone just for signing up or the 10% cashback to everyone every single week, all of it sounds just like gambling heaven. The portal also promises 100% deposit match guarantees (up to £100) on your first few deposits, cashbacks for referring to friends, and its very own high rollers loyalty program. Even though all these bonuses might make the cynical question the portal’s largesse, most of us gambling types will obviously be happy. Why? Because the only thing better than the thrill of gambling is knowing that no matter what, the house is going to reward the loyal in its own way. Yes, suddenly, everyone is a casino VIP.

Games Offered

Another impressive thing is the sheer number of games on offer. And even though the slate appears a little too slots-heavy currently, each of these slots rooms manages to bring a new spin to the table. Be it a Dracula themed slots room, or a pirates themed one, the number of fun ways these guys have spun the basic concept of slots is laudable. I’m sure many a fun hours have been spent in these very rooms. The Europe themed roulette table is all you expect from a good online roulette room. Good people willing to gamble, nifty sound effects which place you directly into the midst of the action, right in the most exclusive casinos in Monaco, and (like mentioned earlier), a house willing to stake a little of its own money in your victory.

Banking Options

Through its partnership with PayPoint.net, Pocket Fruity accepts a host of payment options. So whenever you want to replenish your account, you can just whip out your credit card. Or transfer funds through the supported banks. Or PayPal the payment. And wait! There’s Ukash support too! And if all else fails, you can just send a PSMS through your mobile phone network. No reason to delay! Refill and play now for 100% cash match.

Top Dog Slots CasinoClick Here to Claim your BONUS!