Video Poker

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A lot of betting websites offer a wide array of games from slots to scratch cards and even bingo. Some even offer players a chance to play Video Poker.  

But what is Video Poker I hear you ask?

  Well, to play this game involves a degree of luck, unlike the skill required when physically sitting at a poker table with other people, you sit at a machine and try to beat the odds and win big.   The machine behaves like a normal game of poker; you have the option to Hold, discard and draw cards. It then deals out a five card hand to each player from a randomly shuffled deck of 52, which you then use with the devices paytable to try and win.   The games are programmed to behave just like an ordinary poker match, so players can still win with rare hands like a royal, straight or ordinary flush. Also check out New Online Casinos of 2014  

Types of Video Poker

  Most machines play a variation on Jacks or Better. Or occasionally there are those that play Deuces Wild, where all 2’s are designated as wild cards, the minimum hand required for a win in this game is three of a kind.   Or if you’re lucky, it’s a machine that operates with jokers as Wilds in which case, 53 cards are used and the minimum winning hand is two pairs.   Video Poker is fairly easy to pick up as players can expect to return a fairly nice haul 90% of the time.  

What’s the Difference with Online and Video Poker?

  The difference between this and ordinary poker is that there’s no dealers hand or other players to compete against, instead wins are adhere to a pay table that appears on the screen.   Video poker tends to be used in casinos because only a small percentage of people know how to properly play. Whilst others can cause enough tiny mistakes that the machines actually pays out less.   So the casino has a table that offers to pay out well for those that really understand the game and, can still net a return for those that make mistakes.   The differences is that ordinary poker relies on the skill and wit of the player to outfox everyone else playing, whilst video poker is purely a game of odds as each machine varies in how often they will pay out, some are even altered to pay out at an even lower rate by casinos. Because remember, the house always wins.   Player’s winnings are stored as credits, which are displayed in a meter on the screen. Credits can be exchanged for cash and vice versa.  But you must bet a minimum of five credits per wager.  

Where can You Play?

  These games can be found on a variety of websites such as Slots Heaven, 888 Casino and Conquer Casino.   Slots Heaven has a futuristic design, with all the neon creating an intriguing image and a welcoming homepage that displays the current jackpots. There’s also fantastic sign up bonuses. Offering first time players the ability to claim a 200% bonus of up to £400 on their first deposit. Money that could go towards potentially tripling your winnings. Offering fresh promotions on a regular basis with agreeable prices, slots heaven is a great place to gamble. [Full Review]

888 Casino has a modest black and green design, it has a great selection of games, but that should be expected from a company that’s been in the gaming industry for so many years. It provides a level of service expected of its reputation. For players making their first deposit, a generous 100% welcome bonus of up to £100, there is also a bonus upon that of another amount of up to £800. 888Casino has pedigree and prestige behind it and with competitions to win big cash prizes, 888Casino is worthy of the name of Casino. [Full Review]   Conquer Casino has a basic homepage design but it means all the options and games are clearly displayed. Although not necessarily bright and eye catching, its simplicity is appealing as it doesn’t ward off new players with an over complex display. Plus make your first deposit and receive a 100% bonus on our money. Numerous promotions mean signing up with Conquer Casino means you’re never going to never be shy of reasons to keep playing. [Full Review]