How to Know Which Online Casinos are Legit

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If you are like many people who enjoy online cards, slots and other casino favourites, you probably ask, which online casino can i trust? That is a good question to ask, and it is not paranoia. Every player should be on a quest for the most legitimate, transparent and fairest online casinos! We thought it would be good to cover the positive as well as doubtful signs about the security and trustworthiness of online or mobile casinos, to help you put things into perspective.

Positive Signs

Perhaps the most reassuring sign is online casinos that actually pay out to players who win. Aside from gaining direct experience the long and hard way, savvy players consult others’ first hand accounts about certain sites using social networks, talking to friends or reading solid reviews that are written for or by players.

The Casino’s License

A legitimate gaming licence, obviously, is rather a must. For British players, the UK Gambling Commission licence is the best one to look for when surveying unfamiliar casinos. The reason for that is simply that the UK’s own regulations help protect UK players best, as well as keep casinos meeting certain standards themselves. So, making this quick check of licensing is worth doing. TIP: The gambling license of a casino must be displayed at the bottom of its webpages, along with other vital and useful links.

‘Return to Player’ Rates

Another important aspect of a casino’s overall fairness and reliability — and as important as its random number generator that ensures computers deliver results from pure chance — is the specific rate at which it pays off players, called RTP. Some may think there is something wonky about having random results and rules about how much a slot machine should pay out, overall. But we see the RTP % as a way to tilt chance in favor of players (eliminating the actual chance that a slot machine will not pay out for too long a time). For anybody who has asked, are UK online casinos rigged? — the answer is no, since the Gambling Commission requires fair, published RTPs that are built on top of verified RNGs (random number generators). Most games have RTP in the 90%-98% range, and, it varies based upon the type of game.

The Big Pay-Off

The real bottom line about any casino in terms of fairness would be the experience of withdrawing one’s winnings. In addition to the many other crucial aspects of legitimacy, banking practices and the promptness of returning cash to players rank at the top of the list for obvious reasons. The first thing to check is simply how much information a particular casino offers, and how clearly it explains its own withdrawal policies. Some casinos have seen the opportunity to endear themselves with their members by giving generous, prompt, satisfying cashouts. As in most things, specific information in this area (withdrawal times, payment methods, restrictions) promises the best conditions for customer service. NOTE: The easiest online casino to withdraw from, hypothetically, is putting its money where its mouth was — if the casino claims to provide a good player experience at all!

Ominous Omens

Next, let’s look at the darker side, to help you stay alert about online casino scams — they will look as safe, as reputable, as they could be. Possibly they will use that false image to persuade people to overlook certain lacking elements related to their safety.

Member Verification Is Good

If you ever come across online casinos without verification of new members — perhaps this is being sold as a plus for convenience — then you should say, next, and keep looking. The same goes for online casinos without license plainly visible at the bottom of the page, and mentioned its is text. The fact is, when a casino verifies the identity of a new player, using address, phone or other personal details, it does so not only to comply with laws but also to avoid being defrauded by criminals. Casino accounts can be abused by those intent only to shelter or launder illegal funds, you see. The only way a casino business can remain safe from legal liabilities is to verify new members strictly. It’s a fact. If that verification is not happening, you need to question the viability of the casino. You may have wondered, can online casinos ban you? Yes, they can, especially in cases of fraud. A casino can reasonably suspect fraud even if a member fails to update their account information — this is serious business. But casinos should not ban players on a whim, or to escape payouts.

Beware of Wagering Requirements

Reading through the T&Cs or terms and conditions of a casino where one hopes to play is the last thing one wants to do. But in the case of any promotions or welcome bonuses given, this may be the only way to discover what the wagering requirements are at a casino — those are rules about how many times a player must bet the total free money before it is treated as normal funds. Unfortunately, some wagering requirements are in place at just about every online casino — only a handful offer a ‘keep what you win’ off bonuses policy. The range for the wagering requirements is anywhere from 20x to 50x the bonus awarded. If the actual terms are not spelled out clearly by a casino, you’ve got to wonder. If promotions and free cash offers are too good to be true — they probably are, because of the fine print attached. We hope this overview of the fundamentals of finding a legitimate online casino will be helpful as you navigate the immense choice nowadays. Of course, consulting a trustworthy guide like this site always helps! Which Online Casino Game Has The Best Odds? Click here!