Bolivia Crumble at the Hands of Peru


Bolivia and Peru easily played one of the stand-out games of the 2015 Copa America. In a year when Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay have disappointed, it took Peru to give us a game worthy of the quarter-finals.

In a sparse list of yesterday match results, Peru’s 3-1 victory over Bolivia will demand attention. Bolivia felt good about their chances on Thursday, but that all changed when Peru broke through their defensive 5-3-2 formation early.

José Paolo Guerrero is a striker who never fulfilled his potential in a career that began with Bayern Munich, but the 31-year-old did not disappointment when he opened the scoring for Peru after 20 minutes.

Another goal then came from Guerrero after 23 minutes before he completed his hat-trick after 74 minutes. By the time Bolivia scored on 84 minutes, it was little more than consolation goal. Peru now advance to the semi-finals of the Copa America 2015.