Resolver: Free Guided Complaints Tool for UK Casino Players

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The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has introduced a brand new tool designed to aid British gambling consumers in making complaints against their operators. Resolver went live from 1 August 2017 and will give gambling an online tool that is intended to streamline the entire complaints process in the UK.

Streamlined Consumer Complaints

Resolver has been designed as an online customer support tool that is described by UKGC as being free and independent for Great British residents. Gamblers, however, must be aware that Resolver is not an intermediary body that will process complains. 

Instead, Resolver has been constructed as a resource that will enable gamblers to research information relating to the issue that they are considering complaining about. After performing their research into an issue, consumers are then given support to effectively write a clear email or letter detailing their grievance.

Resolver users will be provided with a special email address that is used in the process. This will ensure that users have a legitimate way to contact major gambling operators. Any responses will then be delivered straight to the Responder email inbox that is available through the platform.

Record Communications

Consumers will also be given a platform with which to understand the rights that they possess. Meanwhile, they can also utilise Resolver as a means of recording every point of communication that they make with an operator or operators. The recording of information can extend to include not only emails, but also phone calls to customer support staff.

The phone call recording is a function that can only be utilised through the Resolver app. Although the core Resolver service is free, UK consumers will have to pay the cost of a national call if they want to record the conversation. However, this will likely be free for consumers who maintain a UK mobile phone contract with monthly minutes.

Operator Benefits

In addition to supporting gamblers, the UKGC believes that Resolver will also benefit operators in the complaints process. By increasing the quality and descriptiveness of complaints, the UKGC is confident that gambling operators will become quicker at dealing with complaints while also being able to realistically manage customers’ expectations.

UKGC believes that consumers having a better understanding of their rights will also yield publicity benefits for gambling operators. The Resolver site points out that UK consumers are currently more likely to express their frustrations on forums or social media, with the potential for their complaint to go viral or put others off from joining an under-fire brand.

Resolver is free for UK-serving operators, who can choose to accept to engage with new cases via the platform. Operators will also have the capacity to add information to the platform, covering the likes of company policy and how complaints are handled through procedural means.

The Verdict on Resolver

The launch of Resolver could greatly benefit consumers, who will now have a clear store of communications with operators they make complaints against. Meanwhile, they can submit more effective complaints and take the time to understand their rights. Resolver appears to be a positive addition for the UK online gambling marketplace.

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